Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea and Cake (or death)!

My first blog post! I'm so nervous! This calls for some cake. And some tea. Or some Tea and Cake Mittens-- a new pattern I finished yesterday.

I came up with this pattern idea after a particularly rough week, when everything seemed to be going badly for me at work and I was feeling pretty run down. That evening I had a delicious hot cup of Irish Breakfast tea and realized that a good cup of tea makes everything seem a little bit better. And cake! Who doesn't like cake? Yum!

I was also inspired, naturally, by Eddie Izzard's hilarious "tea and cake or death!" routine. If you haven't seen this, you must go and watch it now. Really. It is delightfully silly.

When designing these mittens I was trying to branch out from my usual geometric designs and go for something cuter. I can't believe how hard it was to design "cute"! I love how they turned out, but clearly I need to eat more Marshmallow Peeps or something. Tapping into my inner cute should not be this difficult.

The mitten pattern is available on Ravelry here, or you can click here to buy it now through PayPal.


  1. They are cute! And must be warm, with the hot teacups (and three colours).
    Congratulations on your new mittens and your blog!

  2. Thanks, torirot!! They are really warm-- the three-colour stranding was a pain while knitting, but definitely worth it in the end.

  3. Those are absolutely adorable!!!

  4. You are really too funny!
    Who wouldn't take cake after all!
    Cake and tea for me please...

  5. I cannot knit a stranded mitten if you killed me. I'm a sweater person... and thinking of it, I'll make something reindeery, I've had this itch for quite a few days.

  6. Love them! Makes me want to brew a cup right now!

  7. I wonder how this pattern would translate into a sweater vest, scarf and hat.